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Guest: 156
Name: Evelyn
From: Schweiz
Age: 22
Browser: Netscape (Mozilla/3.01 [de]C-KIT-bw (Win95; I))
Time: Thu Apr 22 21:08:00 (MEZ) - Mitteleurop. Sommerzeit 1999
Comments: He . . tolle Idee! Bin aber nur per Zufall hier! . . schöni Zyt noo!
Guest: 155
Name: Douglas McDonald
From: Takoma Park, MD U.S.A.
Age: 50
Browser: Netscape (Mozilla/3.0 (compatible; Opera/3.0; Windows 95/NT4) 3.21)
Time: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:26:04 GMT
Comments: Flori, you have done a great job on this home page. It's always great to visit and see what is new and exciting.
Your Friend,
Guest: 154
Name: Timo
From: Frankfurt
Age: 21
Website: http://user.exit.de/clown
Time: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 22:22:13 +0100
Comments:Hallo Flo,
super Homepage....mach weiter so.... Setz Dich mal über meine Homepage mit mir in Verbindung
Bye Timo
Guest: 153
Name: Roland Herzog
From: Rötlen 
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows NT))
Time: Mon Oct 19 11:51:31 UTC+0200 1998
Comments: viele grüße an deinen vater aus stuttgart vom vwa-seminar ´internet´. ich hoffe er ist gerade im büro und arbeitet.
Guest: 152
Name: Frank-Peter Böschen
From: Köln, Germany
Age: 23
Website: http://home.t-online.de/home/Frank-Peter.Boeschen
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98))
Time: Fri Oct 16 09:54:19 UTC+0200 1998
Comments: Hi Florian,
super Page. Wie ich sehe scheint die Star Trek auch zu interessieren. Ich liebe Science Fiction, besonders Star Trek und Star Wars.
Besuch doch einmal meine Seite.
Ciao Frank
Guest: 151
Name: Mario Schellenberger
From: Milky Way --> Sol 3 --> Europe --> Germany --> Bavaria --> Hergolshausen :-)
Browser: Netscape (Mozilla/4.05 [de] (Win95; I))
Time: Wed Oct 14 22:05:14 (MEZ) - Mitteleurop. Sommerzeit 1998
TREK DINNER SCHWEINFURT: http://tdsw.home.pages.de
Comments: nice page ... :-))
Guest: 150
Name: Michael
From: Huerth/Rheinland Deutschland
Age: 30
Website: http://please.notrix.de/
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98))
Time: Sun Oct 11 01:28:59 UTC+0100 1998
Comments: Hallo Flori !
Bin mal wieder auf deiner Seite gelandet. Seit meinem letzten Besuch hat sich hier aber einiges verändert. Klasse!
Guest: 149
Name: Juan Carlos Ledezma Robles
From: Maracay, Venezuela
Age: 24 years
Browser: Netscape (Mozilla/4.06 [en] (WinNT; I))
Time: Tue Oct 07 20:55:05 GMT-0400 (Oeste de Sudamérica H. estándar) 1998
Comments: Hello Flori! You remember me?. I writed with you one year ago. I left write you after my computer was robbed. When I bought my new computer you had changed your e-mail adress and I can't write you anymore. Today I tried to find you in yahoo and endly i made it!. So, I wanna you write me again ,then I wait for your response. Ah!, congratulations , your new web page version is spectacular!. Well Flori, my bests wishes for you. Your Venezuelan forever friend,
              Juan Carlos
Guest: 148
Name: Berno Overbeek (ICQ GlamourMan)
From: Holland (Niederlande)
Age: 19
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.0; Windows 95))
Time: Sat Oct 3 21:52:16 UTC+0200 1998
Comments: Ich finde deinen homepage ganz toll!! Ich hoff dich noch mal auf internet zu treffen (ICQ). Wenn du wilst kannst du mir auch email schicken. Ich gehe jetzt zu deinen Star Trek bilder gucken.
Auf wiedersehen.
Guest: 147
Name: Florian Gruetter
From: Schweiz
Age: 15
Website: http://members.xoom.com/gruetter
Browser: Netscape (Mozilla/3.01 [de]-C-MACOS8 (Macintosh; I; 68K))
Time: Sat Oct 03 18:42:28 1998
Comments: Wirklich geniale Page hast du hier gemacht! Respekt!
Ich hoffe ich habe auch bald so viele Besucher, wie du auf meiner Page, aber meine gibt es ja auch erst seit März 98!
Viele Grüsse Florian
Guest: 146
Name: Carrie
From: Pitman, NJ, USA
Age: 20
Website: http://www.lafayette.edu/~ryderc/wordup.htm
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98))
Time: Tue Sep 29 23:24:56 EDT 1998
Comments: Hey there Flori, nice page, etc etc... how many hours did it take you to make this thing? ;) Anyway, nice job ;)
Guest: 145
Name: Stefan
From: Schweiz
Age: 19
Website: http://besu.ch/stiuwi
Time: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 11:11:45 +0200
Comments: Kompliment! super Homepage!!!!!
Guest: 144
Name: Tommy Ramage, Jr. 'Cowboy'
From: Bastrop, LA, USA
Age: 38, I don't mind
Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/leeramage/index.html
Time: Thursday, August 27, 1998 05:35 PM
Comments:Flori, enjoyed your home page, and always enjoy chatting with you on the chat and e-mailing you. I have a chat room on planet direct. go to the chat in Features, go down 3 click on chat, and when it asks what chat room to go to, type in Cowboy's Chat.
see ya.
Guest: 143
Name: John
From: England
Age: Ancient
Website: http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/j.hamilton/
Time: Tuesday, August 25, 1998 5:29 AM
Comments: Hope you have a great time in America.
And I hope to hear from you when you get back.
Take care!
Guest: 142
Name: Sveni
From: D
Age: 23
Website: http://come.to/sveni
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 95))
Time: Sat Aug 15 1998 16:28:06 UTC+0200
Comments: Schöne Seite... Gut gemacht.... Eigentlich habe ich ja nur Dein Posting in soc.penpals gelesen... Die Star Trek pics sind gut!
Guest: 141
Name: kurt redneck
From: from virginia, live in california
Age: 44
Browser: WebTV Internet Terminal (Mozilla/3.0 WebTV;1.4 (Compatible; MSIE 2.0))
Time: Thu Aug 13 1998 13:04:37
Comments: wish i could read deutsch.. nice site

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